These Nigerians sef!

Thank you Father

MMM is back again o, my salary is back again o, Ebube! My house rent is back again oo

Just imagine the excitement
Wise words

“To hear that I would not be paid immediately means that I am dead.”

“There is going to be crisis in my home. I borrowed my wife’s 300,000 naira to invest in the scheme. I didn’t tell her, but I guess she’s suspicious now. I just hope my wife will forgive me in case this thing fails. To be sincere, I am afraid.”

“I had thought that I would be able to get my money back immediately MMM reopened but from what I heard, it would not be possible. My Mother will kill me. I don’t even know what to do.”

“He said he will get the money back immediately MMM resumed operations. But with this development, it will take some time before he can get paid, and that is if he gets paid at all,” the teacher said.

“He said he was desperate to get his funds back as his landlord had been on his neck since then.”

“The customers said they needed their money back. They blamed some of my colleagues for introducing them to MMM and the bank had to sack them. One of the customers complained that the money he had put in MMM was meant to roof his house and that his planned relocation to the house has had to be delayed because of that. Another one said the money invested in MMM was meant to pay his debts while another said the money was meant for his wife’s business”

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Rotimi Okungbaye

I enjoy taking photographs, I work as a Product Marketing Manager at Flutterwave, I am a Christian.